Who we repair for

Since 2001 Electronic Controls & Computers has set the industry standard for contracted outsource industrial electronic repair vendors. In addtion to providing an outsource solution for industrial electronic repair facilities, we also offer industrial electronics repair service for industrial business users, industrial business distributors, and other industrial service companies.

  • Industrial Electronic Repair Facilities

    Electronic Controls & Computers provides a cost effective outsourcing solution for industrial electronic repair facilities. If your business is losing money because of unusual, or impossible-to-repair industrial electronics, send them to Providence. We can help you turn $0 jobs into cash, and satisfied customers.

  • Industrial Business Users

    If your machines break down, and the electronics in your equipment begin to malfunction, you are losing valuable time that could potentially effect your profits. We're in the business of helping you stay in business. Send your industrial electronics to Providence for repair, and we'll get you back up and running.

  • Industrial Business Distributors

    Become a one-stop-shop for your industrial business customers. When you partner with Electronic Controls & Computers, your distribution business can offer repair service of your distributed industrial electronics. We can help you close the gap in your service offerings!

  • Industrial Service Companies

    Are you a business which provides non-electrical repairs for industrial business customers?Electronic Controls & Computers offers cash based incentives for industrial electronic repair referrals. Partner with Electronic Controls & Computers and increase your profits!

What we repair

We repair everything from obsolete and "unrepairable" industrial electronics, to common, run-of-the-mill industrial electronics.

Click below to learn more, and you will see why Electronic Controls & Computers is your BEST resource for industrial electronics repair.